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Press Release from March 31, 2009

Climate Protection with New Garden Furniture
Environmentalists Buy Teak Furniture for Bargain Prices

Munich, April 1, 2009 - The Munich-based environmental and human rights organization, Pro REGENWALD, will use a portion of their proceeds to buy Teak furniture items. At the beginning of this April gardening season, Asian wholesalers will be able to distribute a larger supply of exclusive Teak furniture products through environmentally friendly delivery methods through the following portal:

“In the past years, sales of Teak furniture greatly declined because customers were unsettled by criticism from various environmental and conservation organizations,” said Pro REGENWALD sales manager, Johanna Schmidkunz. “ We now have a grasp on this criticism, as when a environmental organization recommends and supplies these products, there is surely no more problems with eco-friendliness.”

Pro REGENWALD imports furniture made from Teak wood from Indonesian and Costa Rican plantations, as well as high quality natural Burmese Teak forests. “The demand for Burmese Teak products is unbelievable, we could never have predicted it and we are glad that the military governed country manages and cultivates their Teak forests in close comparison to German standards,” said Ms. Schmidkunz after a provisional visit to Burma.

The teak product online shop will offer amazingly low prices for new customers during the first half of April in order to boost sales. Ms. Schmidkunz believes that every purchase of a Teak chair is an active way to promote environmental conservation. “Every wood chair purchased eliminates a plastic or aluminum chair which is an immense way to conserve fossil fuels.” In this sense, the sales of Teak products by an environmental organization settles the issue.

For more information, please contact Johanna Schmidkunz,, c/o Pro REGENWALD,
Tel: 089-3565 4026