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Would you like to contact us? Please use the form below. We are waiting to receive your message. is an online service of Pro REGENWALD to improve awareness on development issues and provide relevant information. Done by:

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Tel.: 089-359 8650
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Pro REGENWALD e.V. is entered in the register of associations of the Munich district court under the VR-number 12729.

Pro REGENWALD e.V. is represented by its board with contact person Simone Hörner (volunteer director).

Responsible for Press and Media rights is Hermann Edelmann, address above.


The content of our website was compiled with extraordinary diligence. It is a thorough compilation of information that we receive every day as a response to our requests and enquiries. As attentive observers of current affairs we also retrieve information from press articles and host it on our website. Despite our thoroughness in gathering this information, we cannot guarantee that the content is entirely correct, complete or up-to-date and we ask all our readers to consult other resources or to contact us directly in case of doubt.

Should you discover mistakes or even legally offensive content on this homepage, we would really appreciate your feedback. It is only through your support that we can improve our information.

We have linked this site to other web-pages. Pro REGENWALD e.V. and all people who are linked to the website state explicitly that these links have been established, because we consider the linked sites and their content to be important. Further, at the point of time when we linked it, we also considered the contents of these websites to be legally inoffensive. However, we have no influence over subsequent modifications to the layout or over any recently added content of the linked sites. It is the respective operators of these sites that are liable for the content. Therefore, we distance ourselves explicitly from newer or illegal contents of the linked sites on our homepage and we do not adopt their content as our own.

Data Protection:

By visiting this website, data about the access (date, time, viewed site) can be saved. The data are not individual-related, but anonymized. They are evaluated for statistical purposes only. Your data will not be disclosed to third parties, neither for commercial nor for non-commercial reasons.

The provider points out to the fact that data communication via the internet (for example, when communicating via email) has security holes and cannot be shielded completely from the access by third parties.

The use of the imprint’s contact information for commercial advertising is explicitly prohibited. The provider and all persons mentioned on this website object to any commercial use and dissemination of their data.

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